My name is Demerra Tucker. I am a graduate of the Dallas International Street Church Life Skills Training Program! I am proud to say that I have been delivered from a lot of things: drugs, alcoholism, poor judgment calls. But every day I fight to stay in the race to becoming who God wants me to be! Although I am satisfied with my everyday blessings, I understand that God wants to give me exceedingly abundantly above all that I could ask or think, so I dream many dreams and want to do a lot.

One of my dreams is to have a restaurant that serves daily bread with a meal on the side. Another is to have an adoption house where babies and kids will be nurtured and trained for the care of their forever homes. Those are a couple of my dreams, and I know that God is able but for now I am grateful to be part of Dallas International Street Church serving and growing in the Lord God Almighty.

My name is Devetricsis Dorsey, I'm 42 years old. I came to D.I.S.C. On August 17, 2016 from a psychiatric care unit. I created this life by the people I let in and the people I shut out, by giving my time to guests that matter and by letting hours trickle toward lesser goals, through the pursuits to which I gave my energy, by the pressures to which I gave heed. Every decision I’ve ever made, step by step brought me to this pass. Today I give thanks to the creator for blessing me with life. I have made a conscience decision to act on my calling to help all people, men and women. To provide a sanctuary for them to come and make the necessary efforts to prevail in life. There are people which I've come in contact with here at D.I.S.C. Who have graduated the program and now have homes for men and women. I will work proactively with these individuals in hopes to start my own journey while I am here.

  • This is where Jesus is !!!!! Where people can truly come as they are !!!!!
    This is where Jesus is !!!!! Where people can truly come as they are !!!!!

    Brittany B Musser

  • God lives here. The mission of this church & Pastor Karen Dudley is unstoppable. Walk in there any time the day & everyone you see is a live miracle!
    God lives here. The mission of this church & Pastor Karen Dudley is unstoppable. Walk in there any time the day & everyone you see is a live miracle!

    Clarissa van Meter


Amber Wisinger

and her baby David 

After years of battling drug addiction, loosing children to the CPS system, and loosing hope Amber found Dallas International Street Church. After loosing her son David to CPS Amber made a decision to change her ways and fight for baby David. She made her way to Dallas to get into out patient drug rehabilitation and start the long process CPS had put in front of her in order to get her son back. Staying in a homeless shelter after coming to Dallas she got on the outreach bus one day to come to DISC. She then entered the Life Skills Program at Dallas International Street Church. After only 6 months in the program, completing the steps CPS ordered her to do, and A LOT of praying. Amber was reunited with her Son David permanently.  


Sarah Nicholson

my story and Vision for my future 

     My name is Sarah Nicholson. I was born January 31, 1987. I consider myself a warrior for Christ and a wounded healer. I have been through a lot in the years I have been alive, and went down the wrong path more than the right one.

    Becoming an adult and discovering the disappointment reality brings on… I started craving to live in any other reality, or in any other existence than the one I consistently butted heads with. This lead to a long hard road of drug addiction and a trail of life altering mistakes. Seeking wisdom became an obsession and trying to find the key to peace was the only relief I found in the depressing world I woke up in every day. 

      After years of trying to change my life and failing horribly at it I gave up. I decided that this was to hard for me to do on my own. I prayed and asked God, "Please do this for me, because I can not get off drugs on my own." 

     I prayed that prayer, then got on the bus, and not two stops later ran into 3 women who were in the Dallas International Street Church Life skills program. They took me back to the church that very night. I got delivered from my drug addiction and have enjoyed serving the Lord there since.

     Jesus was the closest example of a lifetime walk on this earth that was a mirror image of heavenly life that we have to learn from. The ways of this man’s character and actions set the stage for the hope of mankind’s dark existence to be redeemed into something better. A hope, a chance, a way to change our fate. I want to be as much like that man as possible. He became the change so desperately needed within the world. Mankind on the path to self-destruction finally had an example to live by. I want to teach kids to never lose that light of life that is so strong in the beginning of their existence.

     I want to learn how to continue teaching the gospel Jesus blessed this dying world with. Too many souls have lost that light along the way… they lost hope of being better, strayed away from the source of peace and desire that void to be filled. I want to be the change that I crave to see in the world. I have found an overwhelming peace within myself that came from my faith in Christ Jesus. That couldn’t be obtained with any worldly idea, theory, substance, or individual.

Matthew 7:13-14 states:

13 You can enter Gods kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. 

14 But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only few will ever find it.” (New Living Translation)

     I want to use my 16 years of doing drugs to glorify the Lord not the devil. For I worked on the wrong side for too long. My dream is to start an after school mentoring center called THE NARROW WAY. The mission of this ministry is to help kids ages 10 yrs old – 21 yrs old to learn and excel in their God given talents. Through intense christian fellowship, pairing them with adult mentors that are successful in the very talents and passions these kids are starting to develop and find in themselves. I think this can make a change for the next generation.

     I can do nothing about my past, but I can use it to help those that are young avoid the pit falls I have been hurt by. I would love to spend the rest of my days upon this earth helping people find that Narrow Way. This is the quest I was put in the world to go on. I’m on a mission to change every soul I am blessed to minister to. The flame of the candle within my soul was meant to light up every candle that evil has blown out.

-Sarah Nichole Nicholson


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